About Us

FUNICULAR FILMS is a film and tv series production company founded by four partners linked to the cultural, audiovisual and business world:

– Aina Clotet, actress, screenwriter and director. She has a degree in Communication from the UPF.
– Marc Clotet, actor. He has a degree in Business Administration and MBA from ESADE.
– Jan Andreu is an entrepreneur in a variety of sectors such as fashion and automotive. He has a degree in Economics and Business Sciences.
– Marta Baldó has a degree in Communication Sciences from the UAB and a master’s degree in executive production from the Media Business School.

FUNICULAR FILMS is developing a slate of films and series that address universal themes –coming of age, fear of death, identity crisis– but always made with a touch of humor and comedy.

The two fundamental objectives to face these first years of the production company have been the internationalization of projects and both national and international co-production. They are co-producing with Ikiru, Nanouk, DeAPlaneta, MediaPro and, internationally, they are co-producing with Sweden, with the prestigious production company Anagram, and in Peru, with Maretazo Cine.